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Naled is a toxic chemical and shouldn't be sprayed

Palatka Daily News - 10/12/2017

Putnam County commissioners often exercise exclusive entitlement that places the public in harm's way. Regrettably, I don't think they know what they're doing in these instances.

Attorney Tim Keyser's argument regarding the use of naled for mosquito control was accurate. It can be deadly.

I live in a farm area where neighbors are out very early. On Tuesday morning, my eyes were burning, and I asked a walker if one of the farmers had fertilized overnight.

Putnam County Sanitation Director Larry Gast should have been responsible for publishing a notice in advance. The state should have mandates about proper notification of spraying.

I've contacted Mosquito Control in Tallahassee for clarification. The public should be made aware of the effects of naled. It is a toxic chemical. Citizens have a right to understand and determine its use in Putnam County, not the commissioners or Tallahassee.

Sandra J. Birnhak

East Palatka


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